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Wiki+ page: 1 John

…ply calls himself a presbyter.’ (Eusebius, H.e. VII, xxv.).” 1 John was the brother of James (Acts 12:2), son of Zebedee (Mark 1:20; Luke 5:10) and Salome (Matthew 27:56; Mark 15:40).

John was called to be an apostle by Jesus (Matthew 4:21) and became known as the disciple whom the Lord loved (John 13:23; 20:2; 21:20). John was one of three with Peter and James whom the Lord allowed to be on the mountain when He was transfigured (Matthew 17:1). T…


Wiki+ page: 1 John: Introduction

…of God involves a personal relationship with Him.
  • To teach believers concerning their relationship to God, the world, the flesh and the devil.
  • Message:

    1. If we truly know God and are in fellowship with Him, then we will not love the world, but will walk in light and walk in love.
    2. If we live in the light we will not walk in darkness.
    3. Love for God who is invisible is proven by you love for your broth


Wiki+ page: 1 John: Outline

  1. Fellowship ____________________ on practical grounds. (1:5-2:11) 
    1. Fellowship demands ____________________ likeness. (1:5-7) 
    2. Fellowship demands confession of ____________________. (1:8-2:2) 
    3. Fellowship demands ____________________.


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