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Wiki+ page: 1 John

…emane (Matthew 26:37). John leaned on the Lord’s breast at the last supper (John 13:23). Jesus' love and trust in John was illustrated as the Lord entrusts the care of His mother to John when hanging upon the cross (John 19:26).



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Wiki+ page: 1 John: Introduction

  • Unnamed - John the Apostle.
  • John spent the last 20-25 years of his life ministering in Ephasus.
  • John did not identify himself in his gospel.
  • Date:

    Approximately 80-90 A.D.

    Written To:

    1. Destination unknown.
    2. External evidence would suggest the same churches mentioned in Revelation.
    3. More than li


Wiki+ page: 1 John: Outline

…p;____________________ likeness. (1:5-7) 
  • Fellowship demands confession of ____________________. (1:8-2:2) 
  • Fellowship demands ____________________. (2:3-6) 
  • Fellowship demands ____________________ of fellow believers.
  • Two digressions.
    1. An assumption about his readers. (2:12-14) 
      1. They are forgiven.
      2. They know God.
      3. Th


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